LED Grow Light Pro

LED Grow Light Pro

LED Habitat Pro uses three of our custom LED circuit boards, illuminating a footprint three times the growing area of an LED Habitat. Includes two Power Greens Seed Mats, seed starter soil, and two sets of Habitat Grow Trays. Draws under 90 Watts.

Dimensions: 27¼"L x 16½"W x 30"H

Maple Finish

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    Perfect for larger spaces and increased production, the LED Habitat Pro grow light has three times the planting area and three times the light of the original Habitat. The lights can also be raised 6½" higher than the original, allowing you to grow more and larger or taller plants. Produce more herbs, flowers, and greens or create a stunning, full-sun plant display that filters and oxygenates stuffy indoor air.

    Made in the USA from sustainably harvested wood, your LED Habitat Pro includes two Kitchen Garden Seed mats, seed starter soil, and two sets of ultra-durable Grow Trays — each set has a top tray with drainage holes and a leak-proof bottom tray to avoid oversaturating your soil. Easy-to-assemble wooden stand will have you growing in minutes. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    Size: Size: Outside dimensions: 16.5"W x 27.25"L x 30"H - interior clearance 19½" to light



    • Scientifically formulated optimal light wavelengths
    • Easy height adjustment for controlling light intensity
    • Quality LEDs: long-lasting, energy-efficient, silent
    • Two sets of custom, high quality, ultra-durable Grow Trays
    • Furniture quality materials and design

    Uses for an LED Habitat Pro

    • Grow a wide variety of herbs for cooking
    • Raise microgreens
    • Create a beautiful plant display that filters & cleans the air
    • Grow fresh lettuce and salad greens
    • Start seedlings for planting outdoors
    • Grow wheatgrass for smoothies and pets
    • Grow medicinal plants
    • Teach children about plant lifecycles
    • Ideal for those with limited mobility
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