LED Grow Light Indoor Garden

LED Grow Light Indoor Garden

LED Habitats are high-intensity, counter- or table-top-sized full spectrum grow lights. Easy to set up in any indoor location. Includes one set of Habitat Trays. Uses less electricity than a 30-Watt light bulb.


Includes a Habitat Wicking Tray set, 2.5 qt soil-less potting mix, and Seed Mat to get growing right away!


Dimensions: 16"L x 10"W x 20"H

Maple Finish

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    Made in the USA from sustainably harvested wood, an LED Habitat uses high-performance technology to deliver maximum-intensity, full spectrum grow lighting with a modern architectural flair. Perfect for growing healthy seedlings, vegetative, and flowering plants. It uses the highest quality, longest-lasting LED lights available to ensure years of productive, reliable operation. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    Each LED Habitat includes a free Kitchen Garden Seed Mat, seed starter soil, and a set of ultra-durable Grow Trays — a top tray with drainage holes and a leak-proof bottom tray to avoid oversaturating your soil.

    Size: Outside dimensions: 10"W X 16"L X 20"H - interior clearance 13" to light.



    • Scientifically formulated light wavelengths for optimal vegetative growth and flowering
    • Easy height adjustment for controlling light intensity
    • High-performance LEDs in a custom, high-tech circuit board: long-lasting, energy-efficient, silent
    • Custom, high-quality Grow Trays
    • Furniture quality materials and design

    Uses for an LED Habitat

    • Grow fresh herbs for cooking
    • Display & feature favorite plants in any room
    • Start seedlings for planting outdoors
    • Grow microgreens for salads
    • Create a fairy garden
    • Grow wheatgrass for smoothies and pets
    • Teach children about planting and lifecycles
    • Ideal for those with limited mobility
    • Perfect size & spectrum for specialty flowering plants